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"There is no favorable wind
for those who do not know
where they are going."

If You Are:

an entrepreneur, a manager, an HR professional...

If You Know:

that you now live in a V.U.C.A. World (Volatile - Uncertain - Complex and Ambiguous),
working with fewer resources, with a sense of loss of meaning and confidence,
needing to move to other modes of collaboration in order to become more agile and
to move forward serenely...

If You Think:

that through their work, individuals can "grow in consciousness," increasing
performance and well-being...

If You Intend:

to allow your employees and teams to gain in creativity and performance...

You Can Benefit from Collective Intelligence!

Generative Collaboration

Generative Collaboration is Robert Dilts' book on Collective Intelligence. Generative Collaboration involves people working together to create or generate something new, surprising and beyond the capacities of any of the group members individually. Through Generative Collaboration, individuals are able to utilize their abilities to the fullest and discover and apply resources that they did not yet realize that they had. They draw new ideas and resources out of each other. Thus, the performance or output of the group as a whole is much greater than it would be if the individuals were working by themselves.

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