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Our common passion for Collective Intelligence and our commitment to explore and experiment with new socio-professional paradigms have naturally led us to invest our time and effort in this project.

Our taste for writing has done the rest!”.

We are particularly happy have this opportunity to share it with you.

Robert Dilts
Robert Dilts

Co-founder of Dilts Strategy Group, Robert has had a global reputation as a leading coach, behavioral skills trainer and business consultant since the late 1970s. A major developer and expert in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Robert has provided coaching, consulting and training throughout the world to a wide variety of individuals and organizations.

Robert is a co-developer (with his brother John Dilts) of the Success Factor Modeling™ process, a method to identify and transfer the critical success factors necessary to promote effective entrepreneurial activities within both new and traditional companies, by analyzing crucial patterns of business practices and behavioral skills used by successful individuals, teams and companies. They founded Dilts Strategy Group in order to apply the Success Factor Modeling™ process to support companies' growth and development on many levels. DSG's services include: modeling, training, consulting, coaching and hosting seminars in the application of the Success Factor Modeling™ process to groups and organizations throughout the world. Robert has authored numerous books and articles about Success Factor Modeling™, including Next Generation Entrepreneurship: Success Factor Modeling Volume I, Generative Collaboration: Success Factor Modeling Volume II and Conscious Leadership and Resilience: Success Factor Modeling Volume III. His book Visionary Leadership Skills draws from Robert's extensive study of historical and corporate leaders to present the tools and skills necessary for "creating a world to which people want to belong."

Robert's book Alpha Leadership: Tools for Business Leaders Who Want More From Life (with Ann Deering and Julian Russell) describes a new model of leadership that captures and shares the latest practices of effective leadership, offering approaches to reduce stress and to promote satisfaction. From Coach to Awakener provides a road map and set of toolboxes for coaches to help clients reach goals on a number of different levels of learning and change. Robert's book The Hero's Journey: A Voyage of Self Discovery (co-authored with Stephen Gilligan) demonstrates how to embark on a path of learning and transformation that will reconnect you with your deepest calling, transform limiting beliefs and habits and improve self-image.

Robert was an associate professor at the ISVOR Fiat School of Management for more than fifteen years, helping to develop programs on leadership, innovation, values and systemic thinking. From 2001–2004 he served as chief scientist and Chairman of the Board for ISVOR DILTS Leadership Systems, a joint venture with ISVOR Fiat (the corporate university of the Fiat Group) that delivered a wide range of innovative leadership development programs to large corporations on a global scale.

Robert is also co-founder, with Dr. Stephen Gilligan, of the International Association for Generative Change (IAGC). The purpose of the IAGC is to bring principles of generative change to multiple professions throughout the world. The IAGC offers training, certification and other resources that promote generative change in personal, professional and organizational contexts.

Robert was also founder and CEO of Behavioral Engineering, a computer software company using NLP concepts to create interactive computer products for education, training and personal development. Robert has a degree in Behavioral Technology from the University of California at Santa Cruz. He received the President's Undergraduate Fellowship in 1977 for research correlating eye movement and brain function conducted at the Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute in San Francisco.

Elisabeth Falcone
Elisabeth Falcone

Elisabeth is a trainer, consultant, coach and facilitator.

Her passion: to create bridges between individuals and between peoples.

Her mission: to help groups and individuals to access the best of themselves, to boost their performance and fulfill their calling.

Elisabeth started her career as a management controller in national organizations, which allowed her to understand the way organizations function and the operation of different controls and brakes.

Always Passionate about the humanities and social sciences and about neuroscience, she became involved very early in sectors concerned with diversity - intercultural, parity, generational equity, disability.

Convinced that the greatest wealth and fragility of any organization is its human capital, she created the organization Difference-HR in response to an emerging need in our society: personal fulfillment for the happiness and benefit of all.

This organization, based in the south of France, had as its mission the renewal of the entrepreneurial spirit. Profit becomes a way to contribute to the progress of a more humane society, bringing Peace and respectful of the common good.

Elisabeth is also an author, a speaker, and works in collaboration with different partners who share the same vision and commitment, including Dilts Strategy Group and Vision 2021, of which she is co-founder.

Her professional qualifications:

    Coach - Associate Member Société Française de Coaching
    Master and NLP Trainer - Society of NLP
    Certified in Collective Intelligence (SFM2) by Robert Dilts
    Certified in Conscious Leadership (SFM3) by Robert Dilts
    Affiliate of Dilts Strategy Group
    Certified in Generative Coaching - IAGC

Elisabeth Falcone
Isabelle Meiss

Isabelle is a consultant, coach and facilitator.

Her passion: the dance of human relations.

Her mission: developing interpersonal, professional and personal skills to create successful collaborations that make sense for individuals and organizations of different profiles and sectors.

After graduating in applied foreign languages for business and international affairs, Isabelle has contributed for 25 years to facilitating information exchange and relationships in both operational and consultancy corporate communications spheres in NTIC, Audit & Consulting, HR, Business Law, Building & Construction industries. Notably, as leadership communications manager (EMC – today Dell-EMC) and senior consultant she has managed corporate communication projects relating to the different phases of enterprise lifecycle and trained experts and managers in media relations.

These learning experiences as well as professional trainings allowed the opportunity for her to serve improved wellness and collective work by promoting the expression of the best of everyone in developing and transforming contexts.

Since then, she has been assisting individuals and organizations in change management, by facilitating their information exchanges and helping to manage and develop better relationships and collaborations:

  • Coaching of experts, managers, executives, trainers and young graduates ; since 2002 in the development of their communication skills and postures ; since 2010 in their career evolution.
  • Facilitation of generative collaboration.
  • Support in management of PR operational projects.

Isabelle works in a collaborative mode with partners and complementary sponsors encountered on her path, including the Dilts Strategy Group. She has translated, in collaboration with a colleague, Robert Dilts' book series on Success Factor Modeling™.

Professional qualifications:

  • Facilitating Collective Intelligence Certification by Robert Dilts (2014), Career Change Check© coach accreditation by Promove™ (2012).
  • Skills assessment, Ambroise Conseil in 2011 (
  • NLP Master Practitioner - FES (Evolution et Synergie Avignon) in 2004/2005 ( Certification Society of NLP in 2006.
  • Coach of Business Training – FES (Evolution et Synergie Avignon) in 2003/2004 ( Certification in 2006.
  • NonViolent Communication (NVC) practitioner since 2003.

The regular practice of dance since childhood, Qi Gong since 2002 and long hikes since 2010 help her to maintain a healthy condition.

Gilles Roy
Gilles Roy

Gilles is a senior Consultant, Executive Coach and Trainer.

He is a co-founder of Formation Evolution et Synergie, a Training and Consulting Company based in the South of France (Avignon-Provence).

Gilles started his career in Paris as a professional photographer and filmmaker, after graduating from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Photographie et de Cinéma in 1973.

After a few years, he specialized as a Communication Consultant, assisting leaders to design their public communication strategies. At the end of the Eighties, he was asked to provide training and coaching at the executive level and has remained in this field ever since.

Gilles is a certified NLP Master Trainer, both through Society of NLP (Christina Hall) and INLPTA (Wyatt Woodsmall). He is a certified Coach and Coaching Trainer (Society of NLP and International Society of Neuro-Semantics). He has been a member of ICF since 1997.

A trained psychotherapist (certified by EAP, European Association of Psychotherapy), he has worked as Coach Supervisor for the last ten years. He is certified as a Coach Supervisor by CSA (Coaching Supervision Academy-London) and is currently part of their international training team as a Trainer, Tutor and Course Director. He is a member of AOCS (Association of Coaching Supervisors).

Gilles is currently involved in a non-profit developmental project, VISION 2021, which promotes Collective Intelligence as a way of creating new solutions to today's world challenges, in association with Robert Dilts, Deborah Bacon Dilts and others.

Gilles works in French and in English. He can be contacted by telephone (33 (0)613 09 19 21) or by e-mail (

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